History - Experience

At Pacific Mind Institute, it's my mission to provide a secure and welcoming environment for everyone, regardless of their age. Here, counseling is approached as a temporary process to assist you and/or your children to get to a different place or to overcome the hurdles you are facing. We want to support you with more tools to better deal with the emotional distress you or a loved one are working through.

The cornerstone of this practice is 22 years of experience in a number of settings. Having worked in schools, acute psychiatric care, and a mental health clinic, the experience is evident in how you will feel from the moment of the first encounter. Through the counseling process, you will find the support to be invaluable and a level of security in knowing you are not alone.

Erica Van Leuven, LCPC, Owner

Erica has been working in this field for 22 years. Erica got into this line of work because of her sheer love for spending time with children and realizing how much she could impact their lives by spending time truly focused on them. As education enhanced this belief and substantiated this approach, it was a natural fit. Erica works to constantly research and educate herself in a variety of ways, all to best serve the clients with whom she works. The experience Erica has, is varied and provides for a far broader knowledge base than you will find in most. Experience includes public schools, mental health counseling clinics, psychiatric hospitals, and supervising the largest children's counseling clinic in the Treasure Valley. This broad knowledge base assists greatly in honing in on what a client is facing and how best to meet the needs of the client.